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November 16, 2012
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foobox 3.8 (foobar2000 CUI config) by dramawake foobox 3.8 (foobar2000 CUI config) by dramawake

foobox is a CUI based interface/config, suitable for full screen window browsing/operation.
Simple and beautiful is foobox's target.
Many codes are mod from Jensen's and Br3tt's. Asion & ttsping help a lot to foobox. Thanks.


  2014-7-6 foobox 3.8
        (*) Bugs fixed
        (+) Playlist View add sort method "Date modified"
        (+) Add Album List Tree View version for your choice, in "Optional Lib_Treeview_Version" folder.

  2014-5-25 foobox 3.7 (3rd release)
        (*) Reomove ESLyric, come back to Lyrics3.

  2014-4-15 foobox 3.7.2 small misc fixes.

  2014-4-2 foobox 3.7
        (+)Playlist view settings add option for "Cursor follows playback"
        (+)foobox menu add "About foobox"
        (*)Plugins update
        (*)Other minor fixes

  2014-3-25 foobox 3.6
        (+) Playlist Manager Panel: playlist context menu add Auto Rename function
        (*) Search Panel: fix input method can not follow cursor while input
        (*) Fix v3.5 mis-application of %album artist%
        (*) Change top toolbar UI

  2014-3-18 foobox 3.5
        (+-) Remove uie lyrics3 panel, replaced with ESLyric (by ttsping), with desktop lyrics feature.
        (+) WSH lyrics panel, in connected with ESLyric
        (+) Multi-language feature. It is easy to extend foobox to support your local language. (foobox\i18n folder)
        (*) Rewrite rating, info, playback, seekbar panels. Intergerated and enhanced.
        (*) New feature in foobox menu.
        (*) Paste text to searchbox.
        (*) Fixed WSH cover crash bug, follow cursor failure bug, cover case is optional now.
        (+*) WSH library bugs fixed. Add keyboard operation and hotkey features.
        (*) Other bug fix and enhance.

  2014-1-28 foobox 3.2
       (*) Misc bug fix;
       (*) Optimization of WSH library sorting methods.

  2014-1-24 foobox 3.1
       (*) UI & codes enhanced, rewrite with WSH Mod Plus (by ttsping) & WSH Splitter (by Jensen).
       (+) Change font size in "menu-->foobox".
       (+) Add visualization, size is ajustable.
       (*) Remove playcount plugin, rating by tag input now.
       (*) Enhance coverflow & playlist view, and their relationship.
       (-+) Remove uie album list plugin. Library panel is now powered by WSH.

2013-10-27 foobox 2.11
  (+) Add "Sort by title" option in WSH Playlist

2013-2-15 foobox 2.10
(+) Add foo_uie_albumlist panel for library management
(*) Right panel size revised from 200-250-300 to 250-300-350, cover size increased
(*) Fixed the bugs for cover setting, WSH playlist manager panel drag & drop feature

2013-1-24 foobox 2.9 Coverflow new default view style: increased cover size, compact & without text (flat mode).

2013-1-10 foobox 2.8 bug fixes.

2012-12-27 foobox 2.7 fixes for WSH playlist view panel:
(*) fix codec display err for tack with embeded CUE
(*) fix wrong columns location in certain conditions
(*) fix problem for group by path
(*) auto focus on playing track while play new track

2012-12-23 foobox 2.6
(*) Bug fixes & optimization for coverflow & playlist panels.
I hope 2.6 will be a long term version :-)

2012-12-20 foobox 2.4
(*) Bug fix for search & playlist view panel
(+) Add "Album(Simple)" group/sort method, suitable for lots of "Unknown Album"
(*) Coverflow: set %album% as default group method

2012-12-14, foobox 2.3
(*) Reduce height of topbar (4pix)

2012-12-9, foobox 2.2
(-) Remove foo_quicksearch plugin & foo_uie_albumlist plugin
(+) Add foo_uie_biography plugin and panel
(*) Replace playlists manager panel with portable one, reduce resource consume
(*) Enhance of playlist viewer, coverflow
(*) Optimization for button, menu, icon, codes......

2012-11-28, version 2.1,
* Replace Playlists manager & NG playlist with highly customized, powerful WSH panels.
* Misc bugs fixed.

2012-11-18, version 1.0.1, misc fix.
2012-11-16, version 1.0 released.

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Skazzy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Thanks dramawake for the update! You're a doll!
SupaOpa Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Hey dramawake. Is there any way to add playcount as a column to the playlist view? I've tried just adding it to the preferences but obviously it isn't this easy. :D
Anyway thank you for the great skin! Couldn't find any other that's so neat, simple, functional and beautiful! :>
dramawake Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
"Add" will cause a lot of code modification. "Replace" will be much more easier.
Skazzy Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
dramawake - Just a quick suggestion on your next revision to add the functionality of folder structure integrated into the player...Would make the player perfect for me! All the best!
dramawake Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
I will make another version for you, remove current WSH library panel, add Albumlist_panel plugin.
dramawake Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
OK,I will make another version for you.
Skazzy Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Wow, thanks a lot! Greatly appreciated as always! ;)
jiangzhenjerry Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
The remaining time fails to display with the latest foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod_plus ( Would you please check with ttsping? I'm not sure which of you is responsible for this bug Wink/Razz

Here is a snapshot FYI:

dramawake Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Which revision of WSH MP? the create date is.... 14-Jun-2014?
jiangzhenjerry Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
When I left you the previous message, the latest build was 20140528. Now build 20140614 seems to have fixed this issue. Thanks for having me informed :)
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